Send a Tee

Why a tee?

By sending someone a BPD tee you are not only providing a gift, you are actually connecting that person with someone to talk to.

Each shirt goes out with a message of support and the contact details of a BPD volunteer.

We will try match hobbies and interests and give your friend or loved one a shoulder to lean on when times get tough! After all, our objective is to open the conversation around mental health.

It's the first step to everything.

If you would like to do donate a shirt to a random recipient, please purchase the tee below and we'll do the rest. THANK YOU!

bring people dancing tshirt

Donate a Classic Bring Pe•ple Dancing Tee


By purchasing a Bring People Dancing tee for someone, you are not only supporting the cause, you are connecting someone in need with someone they can talk to.

With each shirt is the personal contact details of a BOD volunteer that is there to listen, talk to, and hopefully one day, go dancing with!